About us

Where are you located?

Our boarding location is our private home, located in West San Jose 95117 near Starbird Park. We are about 3 miles southwest of Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara and about 15-20 minutes away from San Jose International Airport (SJC).

Our exact address will be provided after a boarding contract has been signed and returned to us by email to confirm the reservation. Please use our new client form to request a copy of the contract.

Can I visit the boarding location to see the area beforehand?

Due to the risks of RHDV2 and myxomatosis, we are not allowing any in-person tours of our boarding areas, but we are happy to provide more examples of our past boarding setups upon request if the pictures on our Boarding page are not sufficient. You can also see pictures of previously boarded rabbits on our social media pages – e.g. Instagram.


I have been a rabbit lover and owner since 2012 and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. I volunteer and foster kittens and rabbits regularly for the local rescues. When I am not taking care of rabbits, I work as a software engineer at a local tech company and run my small online business, SS Bunny Imports.


I have owned and cared for rabbits since 2012 with Alice and have been a San Jose resident for over 20 years. I helped bond our personal rabbits Bao Bao and Luna and the Squishies (Squishy, Squishette, and Romeo). Similarly to Alice, I also work as a software engineer at a local tech company when not helping her with cleaning litter boxes, doing bunny laundry, feeding hay, trimming rabbit nails, and other more intense medical bunny care.

Rabbit care experience

We have had extensive experience taking care of rabbits over the years, from finding and treating issues such as the following:

  • Gastrointestinal stasis (detection, medication, supportive care)
  • Abscesses (detection, daily flushing, medication)
  • Urine scald and incontinence (appropriate enclosure setup, daily butt baths, spot cleaning, and cream application)
  • Head tilt and ear infections (detection, appropriate enclosure setup, medication, cleaning)
  • Arthritis (appropriate enclosure setup, medication, supplements)
  • Dental issues (detection, supportive care, medication)
  • Sprained limbs (appropriate enclosure setup, medication)
  • Snuffles, respiratory issues, and rabbit allergies (detection, environmental support, medication)
  • Eye infections and inflammation (detection, monitoring, medication)
  • Overweight rabbits (appropriate diet change)
  • Underweight rabbits (appropriate diet support)
  • Megacolon (detection, supportive care)
  • Thymoma (detection, medication)
  • Liver lobe torsion (detection, supportive care, medication)
  • Chronic kidney disease (detection, daily subcutaneous fluids)

We can help with all kinds of outpatient oral and topical medication, subcutaneous injections and fluids, as well as various types of cleaning, trimming, and bathing as needed.

Current pets

Juliet – adopted from a private re-home in 2017. Born in 2016.

Mimi-man – adopted from a private re-home in 2013. Born in 2012.

Theon – adopted from Humane Society of Silicon Valley in 2019. Born in 2019.

Gale – adopted from Humane Society of Silicon Valley in 2022. Born in 2022.

Past pets

Bao Bao (RIP 2020) & Luna (RIP 2022) – both adopted from the San Diego Animal Shelter in 2012.

Squishy (RIP 2020) and Squishette (RIP 2021) – adopted from the Rabbit Haven in 2013 and 2014.

Boba (RIP 2021) – adopted from Andy’s Pet Shop in 2020.

Romeo (RIP 2024) – adopted from the Rabbit Haven in 2016. Born in 2015. Was previously bonded to the Squishies.