See the calendar below for our currently advertised open availability for boarding dates. Check back regularly because the calendar will be updated when cancellations occur.

Limited availability indicates that these are popular dates that are filling up fast, but we still have some room for new clients.

Booked dates indicate that we are mostly full on reservations, but if you have a boarding request for an extended period of time (5+ days) that overlaps with booked dates on our calendar, you are welcome to submit a contact form – we may be able to find space to accommodate. Shorter stays will more likely be declined.

Unavailable dates are hard no boarding dates – we are either currently completely out of room for pens due to popular dates or will be unavailable for boarding for other reasons. New inquiries that overlap with currently unavailable dates will be automatically declined, but depending on reason, we may have a waiting list open. Reservations that were previously accepted with email confirmations during our currently unavailable dates are still in place unless you were notified otherwise.

Major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s (marked on the calendar) will require a 4-night minimum stay due to limited space. Keep in mind that July 4 reservations are usually filled up by the beginning of April, and November and December holiday reservations are usually filled up by the end of September; requests after that may or may not end up accepted, even with a waiting list open.