• Daily: $25/single and $5/extra rabbit in the same 4’x4′ enclosure.
  • Weekly (includes 1 night free): $150/single and $30/extra rabbit in the same 4’x4′ enclosure.

If you are looking to board your rabbits for over 3 months, please contact us for extra-long term rates.

Example scenarios:

  • Boarding two single rabbits in two separate pens will be $50/day.
  • Boarding a single rabbit for 8 nights will be 7*$25 = $175.
Overstay: In addition to regular daily fees, a $10 surcharge may be added for each day a rabbit is unexpectedly boarded beyond the scheduled pick-up date.

Upgrades: If you would like to double (or even triple) the size of your rabbits’ boarding enclosure to 4’x8′ (or 4’x12′) for their stay, please contact us for availability. We may be able to accommodate if the space permits. Rates start at $50/day and can be estimated using the calculator below.

An upgraded 4'x8' exercise pen setup for a giant French Lop rabbit.

An upgraded 4’x8′ exercise pen setup for a giant French Lop rabbit. Owner provided the tunnel, water station, stuffed animal, toys, and cardboard foraging box.

An upgraded 4'x8' exercise pen setup for a pair of bonded Holland Lop rabbits.

An upgraded 4’x8′ exercise pen setup for a pair of bonded medium-sized Holland Lop rabbits. Owner provided the tunnel, small blankets, hiding areas, toys, and hay rack.

An upgraded 4'x8' exercise pen setup for a pair of bonded Holland Lop rabbits.

An upgraded 4’x8′ exercise pen setup for a pair of bonded small Holland Lop rabbits. Owner only brought the rabbits in a carrier.

Do you charge for partial days?

To keep accounting and our availability simple, no, we do not charge for partial days. Rates are calculated based on exact pick-up and drop-off dates (12am to 11:59pm). If you plan on picking up your rabbit after midnight with prior discussion, that would add an additional day to your boarding fee.

Do you require a deposit to confirm a reservation?

No, we do not require a deposit for client reservations at this time.

What is your change and cancellation policy?

While we do not have any extra penalties for changes and cancellations at this time, please let us know as early as possible if your plans change to confirm we have the space to accommodate and in consideration of other clients. We only have a limited number of boarding spaces available.

If you are changing or cancelling a reservation, please make sure you receive a written response from us to confirm. Clients that repeatedly cancel without appropriate notice may be refused future service.

Please note that refunds through Paypal and Venmo may incur a non-refundable service fee.

Is there a minimum stay policy?

For most of the year, no, we do not have a minimum stay policy. However, major holidays such as July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s (marked on our boarding calendar) will require a 4-night minimum stay policy. If you request fewer nights, you will be placed on our waiting list unless we end up having space closer to the dates.

How early do I need to request a reservation?

As long as we have space and see your request in time, we are generally very accommodating about urgent boarding requests. However, rabbits must be up-to-date on their RHDV2 vaccinations before they arrive for acceptance. We do not ask for an additional emergency boarding fee at this time, but we usually expect clients to place their reservations at least a week beforehand.

Please note that last-minute requests during major holidays are incredibly unlikely to be fulfilled. We are often fully booked more than a month beforehand during popular time periods, but we can place you on a waiting list upon request in case a reservation is cancelled. For example, we are usually fully booked for November and December holidays by the end of September.


Do you board intact and non-litter-trained rabbits?

We understand that not all rabbits may be neutered or litter-trained, and we can accept intact and non-litter-trained rabbits with prior notice in our boarding contracts. No extra fees will be charged at this time.

Do you require RHDV2 vaccinations for boarding?

RHDV2 has been found to be spreading in Southern California since 2020. Multiple domestic and wild rabbits have tested positive for the disease in Alameda, Marin, Mendocino, Solano, Stanislaus, and Yolo Counties since October 2022. The most recently reported RHDV2 cases in California can be seen on the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) website here for domestic rabbits and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) here for wild rabbits.

All boarding requests will now require the rabbits be vaccinated against RHDV2 within 12 months of their arrival date for boarding.

Vaccinations should be completed at least 14 days before the rabbits’ arrival if they have never been vaccinated before or if it has been more than 15 months since their last dose. Vaccines that may be available in the San Francisco Bay Area include the following:

  • the single-dose Filavac (minimum 10 weeks of age) and Eravac (minimum 30 days of age) RHDV2 vaccines
  • the 2-dose Medgene RHDV2 vaccine (minimum 4 weeks of age)

Rabbits that are unable to be vaccinated appropriately with proof of certificate before their planned arrival will not be accepted for boarding. Please see our manually-compiled document for a list of veterinarians currently offering RHDV2 vaccines. Book veterinary appointments early if you are seeking boarding for an upcoming vacation. No exceptions.

Can you medicate rabbits or provide special needs care?

While we can help with medicating your rabbit orally or topically for no additional fee, we cannot accept any rabbits with actively contagious diseases needing medication including but not limited to mites, fleas, E. Cuniculi, and snuffles for the safety of our rabbits and other clients.

We have extensive experience with special needs bunnies and can also provide the following services for an additional fee:

  • injectible medication – +$5/dose
  • subcutaneous fluids – +$5/dose
  • assist feeding – +$10/feeding
  • nursing care (wound cleaning, bathing, bandaging) – +$15/activity

However, please note that we are not medical professionals and will not diagnose or recommend medical treatments without the approval of your own veterinarian.

In the event of a medical emergency, additional charges may apply.

Can you trim rabbit nails?

Upon request, we can lightly groom and trim rabbit nails for an additional $10 per rabbit during their stay. Please remind us at drop-off if you would like to add a nail trim as a service for your rabbits.

If you would like us to trim your rabbit’s nails without a boarding reservation, please email us at boarding@ssbunny.com with the request. Nail trims without a reservation are $15 per rabbit. Please note that rabbits must be up-to-date with their RHDV2 vaccination with proof for this service.

A fluffy lionhead rabbit getting a nail trim.

A fluffy lionhead rabbit getting a nail trim.

A grumpy and feisty Holland Lop wrapped in a towel getting a nail trim.

A grumpy and feisty Holland Lop wrapped in a towel getting a nail trim.

A small Holland Lop getting a nail trim.

A small Holland Lop getting a nail trim.

Can you groom rabbits?

In general, we only provide a light groom with our nail trims – this includes quickly brushing off any excess fur and cutting off mats we find on their bellies and feet. Exceptions may be made for special needs rabbit care. For more thorough regular grooming and trimming, we would suggest contacting another service or a veterinarian’s office.

Can you provide updates about boarded rabbits?

Sure, we are happy to provide picture and video updates for boarded rabbits upon daily request for no additional fee. While we may occasionally send updates to owners by text without prompting, owners are recommended to contact us regularly to request more current updates. Please note that you may not receive an immediate response.

Our preferred methods of contact are primarily text and email, but we may also be reached through Instagram and WhatsApp – please reach out to us to arrange communication preferences before you leave.

Do you provide bonding services for rabbits?

While we have experience with bonding rabbits, we do not provide any in-house bonding services due to the liability and excess time it takes for monitoring. If you have basic questions with the process, you are welcome to contact us for help, but we would recommend contacting Shannon from Hoolibuns for 1:1 sessions and boarding for bonding.

Do you provide pet-sitting services?

No, we do not provide pet-sitting services for rabbits in their own home – we only do rabbit boarding at our location.

Do you provide transport for drop-offs and pick-ups?

No, we do not generally provide transport to and from our location for clients. However, if you live nearby (about a 20-mile radius from 95117) and our schedule works out, we may consider assisting with transport for an additional fee (starting at $20 a trip dependent on distance) if requested.

Do you board other animals as well?

While we may have room for a hamster cage or two, we do not board any other animals such as cats, guinea pigs, or chinchillas for their safety due to our household cats.

For other small animal boarding, we would recommend checking out the following businesses:

Bunny supplies for sale:

We have a few products available for resale that you may pick up from our boarding location at any time or use during your stay. Please email us at boarding@ssbunny.com if you are interested in purchasing products without a reservation.

  • 1/2 of a Tunnel Haven – $10; they are cut in half to make them easier to use in a 4’x4′ exercise pen.
  • Dried willow wreaths – $3 each
  • 13 gallon trash bag of hay (Timothy, orchard, oat) – $5
  • Small paper bag of timothy hay cubes – $5
  • All products from Nibbly Edibles

A large Angora rabbit enjoying a dried willow wreath during his stay.

An average-sized rabbit peeking out from a Tunnel Haven.

Timothy hay cubes.

Timothy hay cubes.

Orchard grass hay closeup.

Orchard grass hay closeup.