What are your current rates for boarding?
  • Daily: $25/single and $5/extra rabbit in the same 4'x4' enclosure.
  • Weekly (includes 1 night free): $150/single and $30/extra rabbit in the same 4'x4' enclosure.

For stays longer than 90 days, additional discounts will apply. Our rate calculator below includes all advertised discounts.

Example scenarios:

  • Boarding two single rabbits in two separate pens will be $50/day.
  • Boarding a single rabbit for 8 nights will be 7*$25 = $175.
Overstay: In addition to regular daily fees, a $20 surcharge may be added for each day a rabbit is unexpectedly boarded beyond the scheduled pick-up date.
Do you have a rate calculator?

Yes, please use the following calculator to estimate the cost of your stay.


Do you require RHDV2 vaccinations for boarding?

RHDV2 has been found to be spreading in Southern California since 2020. Deceased wild rabbits in Palo Alto in Santa Clara County have been found with the disease in Feb 2023. The most recently reported RHDV2 cases in California can be seen on the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) website here for domestic rabbits and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) here for wild rabbits.

All boarding requests will now require the rabbits be fully vaccinated against RHDV2 within 12 months of their arrival date for boarding.

Vaccinations should be completed at least 14 days before the rabbits' arrival if they have never been vaccinated before or if it has been more than 15 months since their last dose. Rabbits should have one of the following vaccinations within the appropriate timeline:

  1. the single-dose Filavac vaccine (minimum 10 weeks of age)
  2. the single-dose Eravac vaccine (minimum 30 days of age)
  3. the 2-dose Medgene RHDV2 vaccine (minimum 4 weeks of age) - Proof that both doses are completed before arrival is required if the rabbit is using Medgene vaccines for the first time regardless of previous vaccination status and veterinary opinion. Medgene has not published any research showing a single dose as a booster for the Filavac and Eravac vaccines provides sufficient immunity. The standard vaccination schedule for new Medgene vaccinations is two doses 3 weeks apart, with only a single dose required for annual boosters thereafter. Clients that refuse to provide evidence of both doses as requested will be refused service.

Rabbits that are unable to be vaccinated appropriately with valid proof (e.g. vaccination certificate, visit invoices, medical history) before their planned arrival will have their reservations cancelled and will not be accepted for boarding. Please see our manually-compiled document for a list of veterinary clinics that may currently be offering RHDV2 vaccinations. Book veterinary appointments early if you are seeking boarding for an upcoming trip. No exceptions.

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Last updated: 2023 Jun 04