Local sources we’ve used for rabbit supplies:

Andy’s Pet Shop sells a variety of hays (alfalfa, oat, orchard, and Oxbow Timothy) by the pound. SS Bunny Boarding usually buys large 100+ lb bales of hay from Sam’s Downtown Feed & Supply and Ganado Feed. Due to the risks of RHDV2, we would recommend storing hay for at least 3 months at room temperature or for a few weeks in a hot shed or garage to kill off any viruses before feeding.

Local rabbit rescues and shelters with rabbits for adoption:

SS Bunny Boarding currently fosters animals from Humane Society Silicon Valley and Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue occasionally. We will also temporarily watch fosters for The Rabbit Haven when we have space. Please make sure that the rabbits have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated very soon after adoption due to the risks of RHDV2 in California. It takes at least 7 days after vaccination for full immunity to kick in.

Local rabbit veterinarian resources:

We currently use Dr. Stern at Exotic Pet Clinic of Santa Cruz for all of our rabbits. She is an experienced board-certified exotics veterinarian and may accept emergency walk-in cases during business hours on weekdays for an additional fee.

We have also had great success with urgent appointments a few times with a veterinarian that is comfortable seeing rabbits at Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic. While they are competent at detecting and treating basic rabbit issues, we would recommend Dr. Stern instead for more complex cases and surgeries.

For 24/7 emergency care, we have used the following clinics:

  • MedVet Campbell – Campbell, (408) 371-6252; good for basic supportive care for minor issues like stasis, only select veterinarians may be willing to treat rabbits.
  • Veterinary Emergency Group – San Ramon, (925) 718-7771; will always accept rabbits.

We have not had personal experience with the following hospitals, but they may also be able to see rabbits on an emergent basis based on client experience: